TAUS launches e-learning platform

TAUS is proud to offer the TAUS eLearning Platform specifically tailored to the needs and demands of the professionals in the translation and localization industry.

So far TAUS has trained and certified more than 2,000 language professionals through TAUS training courses. Recent breakthroughs in neural technology drive a great interest among corporations to train their workforce to meet the requirements of the age more than ever. On the other hand there is a keen interest among professionals to step up from the ‘one-quality-fits-all’ service delivery and acquire deeper skills in cultural adaptation. This demand has inspired TAUS to completely revamp its existing courses and carry them onto a brand-new eLearning Platform.

On the TAUS eLearning Platform, TAUS offers not only various courses such as the Post-Editing/Reviewing Course and Quality Management Course, but also hosts an environment for the language professionals community where they can access latest TAUS reports, articles and engage in forum discussions.

The TAUS eLearning Platform is designed to quickly capture learners’ attention and keep it with the state-of-the-art visual technology, and a professional voice-over. The modular structure of the courses allows learners to develop their skills effectively in a self-paced environment. The TAUS eLearning Platform can also be accessed through a mobile app where all course modules and self-study materials can be followed on-the-go.

The TAUS eLearning Platform is an online and mobile training environment where taught skills are awarded with a certificate and a listing under TAUS Post-Editors Directory, a forum for global language professionals, a resource center for TAUS reports and best practices. New courses on technical and cultural aspects of translation will follow very soon.

Visit https://elearning.taus.net/ to get an impression of the platform as well as more detail regarding the courses.


TAUS, the language data network, is an independent and neutral industry organization. We develop communities through a program of events and online user groups and by sharing knowledge, metrics and data that help all stakeholders in the translation industry develop a better service. We provide data services to buyers and providers of language and translation services.The shared knowledge and data help TAUS members decide on effective localization strategies. The metrics support more efficient processes and the normalization of quality evaluation. The data lead to improved translation automation.TAUS develops APIs that give members access to services like DQF, the Quality Dashboard and the TAUS Data Market through their own translation platforms and tools. TAUS metrics and data are already built in to most of the major translation technologies.

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